Presentation: The End of the Beginning

Close to three quarters of all the adults on earth now have a smartphone, and most of the rest will get one in the next few years. However, the use of this connectivity is still only just beginning. Ecommerce is still only a small fraction of retail spending, and many other areas that will be transformed by software and the internet in the next decade or two have barely been touched. Global retail is perhaps $25 trillion dollars, after all.

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US tech funding

I spent some time in the last few weeks with my colleagues Morgan Bender and Scott Kupor going through the state and history of US tech funding. It's pretty easy to point out that the current situation bears little resemblance to 1999 or 2000. This time it's different. But then, it's always different - what's going on now? 

Update: we also did a podcast talking though these issues. 

The industrial internet

Presentation and video at GE's 'Minds + Machines' event in New York, talking about what GE calls 'the industrial internet'. Pretty much every single piece of machinery in the industrial capital base will have some sort of sensor or network connection. It seems clear that this will change things just as much as much as PCs and enterprise software did in the past.  

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