The industrial internet

Presentation and video at GE's 'Minds + Machines' event in New York, talking about what GE calls 'the industrial internet'. Pretty much every single piece of machinery in the industrial capital base will have some sort of sensor or network connection. It seems clear that this will change things just as much as much as PCs and enterprise software did in the past.  

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The internet of things

My grandfather could probably have told you how many electric motors he owned. There was one in the car, one in the fridge, one in his drill and so on. My father, when I was a child, might have struggled to list all the motors he owned (how many, exactly, are in a car?) but could have told you how many devices were in the house that had a chip in. 

Today, I have no idea how many devices I own with a chip, but I could tell you how many have a network connection. And I doubt my children will know that, in their turn.  

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