Mobile stocks and investment surges

One of the odd things about the explosion of mobile, smartphones and tablets that's currently underway is the shortage of good public equity investments in it. There are really very few stocks that give clear exposure - whose investment thesis is mostly based on it. Obviously Amazon, Facebook, Google etc should benefit, but they're not pure mobile plays. Apple looked like one for a while, but as long as it camps out at the high-end of the market (and as long as the future rate of growth is unclear) its appeal is limited. The operators certainly aren't going to grow 10x on the back of smartphones. None of the Android OEMs, expect possibly Samsung, are safe growth stories, and after that you're into the realms of semiconductors, where you need some very specific expertise to make investment calls, or back-end software, where the same applies. 

This has led to the spectacle of stocks that suddenly look 'mobile' shooting up. We saw this with both Facebook and Google this year, when mobile numbers suddenly looked good. We also saw it with Yelp, and a few others. It may be a factor in the Twitter IPO, and of course is certainly at play in the rumoured Line IPO. 

It's a long time since I've made stock recommendations, but the sudden surges into these companies reminds me a little of this clip. Try substituting 'Jehovah' with 'Mobile!' and rocks with money. 

For extra points, try substituting 'women' with 'retail investors'.