12 tablet apps

Tablet apps, after an explosion of excitement when the iPad was first launched, are in something of a lull. It's hard to make money, the install base is flat (or, more precisely, the base of tablets that are not generic black plastic devices that never install apps is flat) and attention has shifted firmly back to the smartphone.

Yet there is still some great work being done, and great content and experiences to be had. The larger screen can show a full website in a way that a smartphone cannot, yes, but there is also scope for native tablet apps to do things that you would struggle to achieve with either a smartphone app or a website, whether that's content display, interaction design, input methods or even just distribution. So, here's an entirely personal selection of 12 that I'm always glad I have. 

(Fiftythree, which makes Paper, is an a16z portfolio company. The app is great.)