Apple's victory laps: notes in the margin

As I wrote here at the end of last year, tracking precisely how well Apple and Google's mobile platforms are going has ceased to be very interesting. They both won, and both got most of what they wanted, more or less, and at this stage iPhone or Android phone sales announcements are really just victory laps. That's reflected in the fact that Google hasn't given a new Android sales statistic since last summer.

Meanwhile, it's too early to tell how the Apple Watch is going to do. Apple implies 2-3m unit sales and something over $1bn in revenue in less than a quarter, which clearly kills the 'flop' stories, but as this chart shows, that's not a strong indication of what will happen next. 

Hence, rather than analyzing the results in detail (what as a sell-side analyst we used to call 'maintenance research'), here are a few notes I scribbled in the margins of Twitter, together with an essential emoji summary.