Apple retail

A little nugget: in Apple’s 10k it disclosed total retail square footage for the first time since last September. The figure (rather round, unfortunately) is 3m, all leased, up from 2.5m last year.

From this we can work out some new metrics:

  • 8,400 square feet per store, up from 7,900 last year
  • $1195 quarterly revenue per square foot, down from $1426 (driven by the iPhone delay)
  • Cumulative retail capex is now $2.8bn - across 357 stores, that’s about $7.8m per store and about $930 per square foot. (not being in retail, I have no idea how that benchmarks)

In addition, from what Apple already discloses:

  • 36k retail employees
  • 101 employees per store
  • $11m quarterly revenue per store
  • $107k retail revenue per retail employee per quarter
  • 77.5m visits in the quarter
  • Therefore average spend per visit of $46 

And for fun, 83 square feet of retail space per retail employee