Windows Phone

An idle observation: Windows Phone has an embedded Facebook client that forms part of the address book, home page and half the screens in the OS. Microsoft tries very hard to get you to enable it when you turn on your new phone. 

According to Facebook, there are now 1.3m active users of this client: see here (yes, this is the integrated one, not the one you can download yourself)

This number has gone up by 300k since mid-November. I would suggest that this means it is very unlikely that more than, say, 3-400k Nokia Windows Phones have been sold in the last two months. Certainly, this data point would be impossible to reconcile with the rumours of  of several million units that are floating around. 

We might or might not find out whether I’m right on Thursday, when Nokia reports Q4 2011 results: it will be interesting to see if they disclose that data point. 


Well, Nokia sold ‘well over 1m Lumias’. How interesting. Either the Facebook data is wrong (unlikely), or a very high proportion of people buying the devices don’t set up the built-in Facebook integration, despite that being a major selling point. Interesting.