From mobile first to mobile native

What happens if you just forget about the PC altogether? But also, what happens if you forget about featurephones? What happens if you presume all of the sophistication that a modern smartphone has and a PC does not, and if you also presume that, with 650m iPhones in use and 2.5bn smartphones in total, you can build a big company without thinking about the low end anymore?

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Connecting the next billion

A nicely unpolished video from Digicel Papua New Guinea on what connecting the next billion actually means.

In no particular order: 

  • People steal the solar panels (this is an even bigger problem with diesel generators)

  • The network goes down if it rains for too long

  • Access to power of any kind is crucial for your users

  • How many different distribution networks does a mobile operator have to build?

  • Most of those sites probably aren't going to be able to handle everyone in the area watching YouTube (hence - data pricing, zero-rating and the problem with net neutrality)

In the next 5-10 years, almost every single person you see on the screen is going to own a smartphone. What they pay for data, and how they think about charging, is another matter. Meanwhile, one might suggest that for some of them a mobile phone is the first electrical device of any kind they've owned.